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Snow and Alan's intimate wedding at Old Tower House in Perth, WA

Snow and Alan reached out to me about photographing their wedding that they've had to postponed due to the pandemic, and I was hooked after I get to know these two wonderful bright individuals. They've had to change plans multiple times over the course of two years but finally, Snow was able to travel over to Perth and be reunited with Alan.

The weather on the day was rather gloomy with a high chance of rain, but the couple's optimism pushed through, and we survived the day with a blessed weather, plenty of sun and no rain.

My favourite moment during the wedding was seeing Alan's reaction of Snow during the first look. It was genuine and filled with joy, and I can recall how happy he was seeing Snow for the first time right before their wedding ceremony,


Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your wedding day. I loved celebrating your new marriage with you and I hope that you love the photos as much as we've had fun taking them! I cannot wait for you to see more photos from your wedding at the Old Tower House, but until then I hope you'll enjoy some of our favourites.

It's clear that you both will treasure one another, and if you can survive the pandemic apart, you will thrive on your marriage together. Here's to forever!

Hair and Makeup: @leonamakeupperth

Venue: Old Tower House, Perth

Photographer: Kenny Ngoo

Second Photographer: Earl Reyes

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