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Updated: Jan 29, 2022

If you've ever been a part of planning for an event, I'm sure you'd have search for tips and tricks to make the day go by much smoother. Here are 5 of my tips and tricks I give to my couples prior to their wedding day.⁠

Bride and Groom exit from their ceremony at Infant Jesus Parish Church
A July Church Wedding in Perth, WA Photos


Most of my couples don't carry much personal belongings on them, let alone a bottle of water. Make sure you organise to have a hydration station at your ceremony, or even just have one of your friends and family member carry bottles of waters to last throughout the day.⁠ Don't let the heat get to you, especially if you were planning a summer wedding in Perth, WA where temperatures can rise up to 40c! Heatstroke is no joke.

Bride and Groom giving a toast with their guests at Assembly Yard, in Perth, WA
Bride and Groom giving a toast with their guests at Assembly Yard, in Perth, WA Photos

Don't wait till your reception time to have your first meal, eat small snacks throughout the day! I know some of you are prone to being hangry...don't take it out on us 😂 Pack small cans of Pringles or nuts and have someone bring it everywhere you go.⁠ Being busy can cause your body to have a smaller appetite, especially when you are distracted by wedding activities throughout the day.

BONUS TIP: have a mirror handy or just a friend to check your teeth after each snack. You don't want to have teeth with bits stuck to it. It's not flattering and your photographer won't be having too much of a fun time trying to Photoshop those bits out of your teeth.

Bride and Groom having dinner in Mindarie Marina
Bride and Groom having the first go at dinner in Mindarie Marina Photos


You're probably wonder what's with this tip. Here's something I discovered a little while back and I'd love to share this tip with you. If you sweat a lot, this one is for you (and me...) bring along wads of paper napkins with you. If you have your wedding in spring or summer, there will be lots of perspiring. Paper napkins are your best friend for situations like this. Grooms, for some extra brownie points keep them in your pockets at all times for you and your bride, but don't wipe away her makeup by accident #husbandmaterial⁠!

Disclaimer: if you use the same napkin too frequently, they can end up tearing and sticking to your face, make sure you are aware of any pieces sticking out, or even better have someone check your face just to prevent any awkward moments where you look like a Papier-mâché.

Bride and Groom in a antique vehicle in Perth, WA
Bride and Groom in a antique vehicle in Perth, WA Photos


Being late is stressful... I recommend my couples to plan their run sheet with room for 15-30 minutes worth of errors. It could be the heavy traffic, or leaving something behind at home. Being late never looks good. Failure to plan is planning to fail.⁠

Planning Fallacy is real, friends. I can tell you how often my couples find themselves scrambling to the next activity because they underestimate the drive to the venue, or how long hugs and kisses takes when you have over a hundred and eighty guests... Don't just estimate it, ask your photographer or planner for their experience! Your photographer would usually help out with the planning of your wedding timeline, keep them in the loop with your plans!

Bridal Party heading out for photos in Mindarie Marina, Perth, WA.
Bridal Party heading out for a sunset shoot at Mindarie Marina in Perth, WA Photos


I understand that this is going to be your big day, and naturally you'd want to have everything fall into place and be in control of the event. My biggest advice to you is this: learn to delegate. Share the planning with your friends and family who can help. My rule of thumb is this: if someone else is able to complete a task better than I can, I outsource it.

Here's a secret: Your friends and family want to help you.

Share some of the burden you carry, at the end of the day, teamwork makes the dream work. Here are some tasks you can start delegating to others.

  1. Packing and sending out Wedding invitations.

  2. Packing and organising wedding gifts for your guests.

  3. Rounding up family members for group photos.

  4. Have your maid of honour or best man be in charge of communicating with the photographer during the wedding day.

  5. Checking and confirming RSVPS from your guests.

Your vendors are also here to help! We are a huge part of your day, and we want it to go smoothly just like you do. Keep your vendors updated with any changes and make sure to reach out to us if you really need advice or experience in a specific situation. I help my clients plan out their wedding timeline as I know which areas couples tend to underestimate the time needed for a specific activity! (You'd be surprise at how often people think their guests will show up on time..)


Weddings are hectic.. I get it. But please take out 15 minutes during the reception and be somewhere private with your partner to take it alllll in. This is your day, make sure you give yourself some time to process it all. ⁠

Photographers! Please bring your bride and groom out of the venue to settle down by themselves. Capture a few snaps along the way. Give them the breathing space and time they need to be alone and recharge after a long day. Weddings are chock full of beautiful moments, but I especially adore quiet moments like this when it's just the couple vs the world.

Bride and Groom looking back on their wedding venue in Sandalford Winery in Perth. WA
Bride and Groom looking back on their wedding venue in Sandalford Winery in Perth. WA Photos

That's it from me! Do you have any tips of your own? Share them in the comments below. ❤️⁠

If you are still in the planning stages of your wedding, and are struggling to find a wedding photographer who can not only help you capture those memories you are after, but also reduce the amount of stress throughout the day please reach out! I am here to help and support your journey.

Click on the button below and let's plan the best wedding ever

Kenny Ngoo is a Wedding Photographer based in PERTH, WA.

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