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It's always so much fun to look back at photos from family events!  Looking through these photos can bring you right back to special moments with those we love, making us laugh, smile, and even those joyous cries.

It's time to take a walk down memory lane! Having these photos is a great way to relive moments shared with loved ones and bring back happy memories.

I'll just have a few questions for you.....

"Do you want to capture the hugs and kisses moments of your family?"

"Want to show more of your love and gratefulness to your family?"

"Have you imagined your family photos being hung on the wall inside your house?"

If you answered YES, then it's time to capture these cherish and lifetime moments with your loved ones!


The Adair Family


“Authentic and emotional photographs for couples who value STORIES.”

About your photographer


Hey there! My name is Kenny, and I am an enneagram 7w8, ENFP and extroverted friend, but I find that in my healthiest moments, I find solace in the quiet times. And that has led me to spot the calm moments within the storm.


I love capturing the energy within a scene, but I am also passionately after those quiet moments that nobody else sees: The bride and groom holding hands as they shed a tear whilst listening to the speeches, the gaze a mother gives when she sees her daughter in her dress, all grown up and the groom sitting by himself reading his vows nervously. Those are the moments I want to show you through my documentary style photography.


I am fortunate to have photography as my profession. My couples mean the world to me. When I photograph your wedding, just know that I'm not looking to create a false narrative. I am after the candid, the quiet, and the raw moments for you to treasure for decades to come.


In the end, my philosophy when it comes to photography is simple. I want to provide authentic and emotional photographs for couples who value STORIES.

Julian and Cassie's Family Photos


Sabrina and Ben's Family Photos


Like what you see?

Here's the next step:

Family portrait services start at $395

Kenny Ngoo did a family portrait session for us today and did an absolutely incredible job. We are thrilled with the photos and the way he worked with us throughout the quoting process and session was amazing. Would highly recommend and we can’t wait to see the final photos!

Caitlin Quartermine

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