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Sandalford Wedding, Perth, WA. Vanessa and Nigel's modern wedding
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Picture this: all of the hard work you've put into the planning finally paid off, and you and your partner have the best wedding day possible.


 A few years later, you are snuggled up on your couch after dinner, and you flip through your wedding album and go through a nostalgic walkthrough of your wedding day. Your partner walks by, and you smile, knowing that you have immortalised the love you have with one another through these photographs. 

Right now, you are probably trying your best to put together the best party anyone has ever seen. But there are so much to do and many things to get started on. Your mind is racing, and as you look at the never-ending amount of options for a photographer, you're thinking to yourself:

"I don't want to worry about feeling awkward in front of the camera"

"I don't want an intrusive photographer..."

"I want someone who not only knows my best side, but is also able to understand me and help me out during my wedding day."

It's time to start looking your best, and never have to worry about being in front of a camera again.

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“Authentic and emotional photographs for couples who value STORIES.”

About your photographer


Hey there! My name is Kenny, and I am an enneagram 7w8, ENFP and extroverted friend, but I find that in my healthiest moments, I find solace in the quiet times. And that has led me to spot the calm moments within the storm.


I love capturing the energy within a scene, but I am also passionately after those quiet moments that nobody else sees: The bride and groom holding hands as they shed a tear whilst listening to the speeches, the gaze a mother gives when she sees her daughter in her dress, all grown up and the groom sitting by himself reading his vows nervously. Those are the moments I want to show you through my documentary style photography.


I am fortunate to have photography as my profession. My couples mean the world to me. When I photograph your wedding, just know that I'm not looking to create a false narrative. I am after the candid, the quiet, and the raw moments for you to treasure for decades to come.


In the end, my philosophy when it comes to photography is simple. I want to provide authentic and emotional photographs for couples who value STORIES.

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Here is what's included in your wedding packages:


Pre-wedding consultation

This is where we get to know each other and I find out more about your story and your needs to best serve you. You have my undivided attention from day one to make sure that nothing is overlooked.


Two Photographers*

To ensure that we don't miss a moment, there will be 2 photographers capturing your Wedding Day with the best angles in mind. 

Second Shooter is only included in coverages over 8 hours.*


Social Media Resolution Images

Storage is expensive, and Instagram doesn't require an 40mb image to display the best resolution. These images are light on your phone/computer storage, whilst still great for social media sharing.


Wedding Slideshow

Sit back, and watch the show. No need to break your thumb swiping from picture to picture. Your online gallery comes with a video slideshow that showcases the best memories from your wedding day.


Bespoke Weddding Album
(Available as an add-on)*

Don't let your memories stay digital. Just as you've caught your parents flipping through their album from years ago, someday you too will do the same. Our Wedding Albums are handmade and crafted to your specifications, and are a perfect addition to your coffee table


Hourly Coverage

No two weddings are the same, what works for others may not work for you. The pre-set packages comes with your choice of 5/8/10 hours. But if none of those work for you, you can be sure that I will find a way to make this work.


High Resolution Images

These are your images that come color corrected and are ready for printing, either in your online print store or your local professional.


Online Gallery

Here is where you'll find the best images from your wedding day uploaded to, as well as a convenient and luxury online print store to order your keepsake physical products.


Keepsake Box with Prints

Have a centrepiece for conversation right on your coffee table. This Bespoke Walnut Keepsake Box comes with physical premium prints from your wedding day for you to hold, and share your memories with your guests.


The Sky is the limit.

These are just a small part of what comes included in your wedding packages. So much goes on behind the scenes to craft your perfect wedding day out that I'd need a full page to list everything down. Do not hesitate to pitch me your ideas, I'm here to get your those dreamy photo memories you are after.

Like what you see?

Here's the next step:

Wedding day photography services starts at $2750

Absolutely brilliant! If you’re after quality pictures and services - Kenny is your man. His photos captures more than just the aesthetics; his hallmark includes your personality in it. Kenny fully captured our emotions on that day, and presented them with quality shots that doesn’t compromise our presence. He is definitely a go-to and would humbly learn more about you and engage that in your photos. 100% recommend 🙌🏼

Theo and Jeliamn

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